Jewel's upcoming album:

Goodbye Alice In Wonderland

The following is a message from Jewel which was apparently posted at her fan club website


So, my record is done! It's written, recorded, mixed and mastered. It's been a long journey, but I'm really really excited and exhausted. I really tried to live up to this record. Making records is kinda hard for me. Writing is easy. Feelings have overwhelmed me since I was young, and I spent years getting fluent at trying to get out of their way, to paint a picture with nothing in-between the feeling, and hearing those feelings.

I did this alone. By myself. Just the feeling and me and a pen. I have always loved words and the craft of writing. It is a love affair that has outlasted many relationships! I am sure it will last my whole life. It has been a rewarding and calming pursuit. Never disappointing. Making records didn't start till I was 19. It's harder for me, because I had no grasp of the process. It is rigid and not alive in the way performing or writing is. It's been hard for me to adapt to, also, I guess, because I am not in control. I need to rely on musicians and producers and mixers. They all have to see, feel, and interpret my vision as clearly as I do.

And that is hard to do. It's rare, especially because I don't like rehearsing. I don't like to practice. I am impatient and petulant. I don't even like things to be perfect, in a technical sense. I just like it to move you.......

Well, it's been 12 years since I recorded my first CD, and I feel like I have learned enough to finally affect the outcome of one! On my first CD I avoided the whole problem by recording it live. That way nothing could come in between me and the raw feeling when I sang. I think I was able to do the same thing on this CD, but with some musicians playing!

This is a singer-songwriter CD. This is a terribly personal CD. I was cryptic enough that I did not betray what I feel is personal, but I was able to exorcise the feelings I needed to. It has been a crazy ass life, and a crazy ass couple of years. What I can say about it, I said in the songs. I tried to make this an intensely personal record; one that is almost embarrassing to listen to. I pulled no punches. I tried not to repeat myself on any song.

In some ways this is an old-fashioned record. I think u need to hear all 13 songs to get the whole picture. I hate records that have 2 or 3 good songs and the rest are low calorie fillers. I want you to hear the whole CD. give it a chance. I spent so much time on these lyrics. So much blood and guts went into these songs. Even into what order they are in, so they complement each other. I layered it, so that hopefully every time you hear it, you get something different out of it.

I have been in this business for a while now. It's kinda wild to think about. Sometimes my mind can't even compute it. I grew up in alaska. A weird upbringing, but a lot of good to it, too, I guess. I ended up homeless and living in a car. I used to shoplift so I didn't have to use food stamps. I used to have doctors turn me down for my kidneys cause I didn't have insurance. I used to hope beyond hope and I even believed in people who did not deserve my naive faith, but somehow it has all turned out ok. I mean, now I have plenty of money, great doctors, and I get to write songs for a living! It's all so unbelievable. But it is just as strange in new ways. Ghosts follow you, and it is still all on my shoulders. Just how I like it.

I have made a life I really like. I live in Texas. it's not like Alaska, but it's a big ranch, and has nothing to do with the music scene. Just like when I was young, music is just something I love and do. It's not a scene, it's not parties or schmoozing, or being political. Don't get me wrong, I am gonna do my job to the best of my ability. I am competitive, and like succeeding. I will promote my CD, and work hard, and do everything I have to, to try and get people to hear this music, but on all my off days I am at the ranch riding and eating at the local diner. I am truly lucky. In fact, on this record, I'm gonna try to do a lot of my press at the ranch here. I'm also gonna go home to Alaska and do some stuff up there, so u guys can see it. I never really have shown it to anyone, and I'd like to now. It goes with the music.

I have been thinking a lot about this CD, about the music business, about how everything works. I am in the business, but in a lot of ways I have the freedom to do things my own way. I care a lot about this record. It means a lot to me, and I want you guys to get a feel for it. It gets frustrating that fans only download one song they hear on the radio. It gets frustrating that radio only plays certain songs that fit a certain format. I have songs that I think will do good on radio, but there is one song that sums up this record and this time in my life, my whole life really.......and I don't think it really has a shot at radio cause it's 6 minutes long. So, I had a friend shoot me singing it at the ranch on super 8, and I'm gonna release it on this web site tomorrow. I want people to hear and see things when there is still nothing between me and the feeling. Soon there will be interviews and singles and the dance will begin. The circus will wind up and I will dance for my songs the best I know how, but for now I want to give you a visual that is as raw as my lyrics. It's the title track on the record. 'Goodbye Alice In Wonderland'. I think I said it all in the song, and it is all pretty clear. But I guess I will answer questions about it if u have some. I won't do that for the press, most likely, because it never really works.

I hope you enjoy. The CD won't come out until early May, so this is my teaser. I may even leak this on the web, so that more people can see and hear this song before the first single drops.

Hope you all are well,

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