My feet are blistered

- Its ok itll heal.

- Its ok?! It will heal?!






Just like yourself. From the start of our trip you went one way and I went another.








- For how long have you been here?

- I have no concept of time. It must be seven or eight years. 

- Why did you come here?

- I came here because I was sad. I went around and came here and my soul said: What is the point of living? I was sad so I lied down here, I thought  the train will come and wipe me out.








- What's the miracle according to you?

- I don't believe in miracles. I believe in reality. Everything like that is miracle. This heat is miracle. Life is a miracle.

- What's miracle according to you?

- I can give you a long list.  You're a miracle.




-We're looking for some special man. 

- Special man? We're all special in India. 

- This man is called "Complete man" or a perfect man. 

- I'm a complete man. Don't you think so?




Is it really beautiful but I fail to see or have I lost the difference between

beauty and ugliness?




One Ant died. I heard his cry. 

You have to be an Ant murderer. If you stop you became victim.


You have a tourist's eye. Give me your camera. So I can show you more deeply.





My mind is all screwed up. Love, death and all kinds of shit.









What was wrong with you to bring us into existence from nothing?

Happiness is not a line .It's a bunch of moments like the moment you laugh.

Where is the power in you? What is this world you created?

If I knew you were I would have always had faith in you.


- I have no talent for faith.



-What are you trying to prove?

-I am only searching so I can put away my doubts, and get rid of my prejudgments, get it?


I was born several times. I remember a few.

I don't know about the mistakes I made in my previous life.

I want to rid myself of this world.


It is so hard to become a perfect man on earth. I am so tired. This is a very tiring cycle of life.







I want to start my life anew tonight.

I want to see the world through your eyes.

I want everything to look beautiful.

I want to be filled and emptied by you tonight.

I want to kiss your feet tonight. Kiss your hands.

I want to put my head on your chest tonight and fall asleep by your heartbeat.

Don't look at me like that, I get shy.

It appears the heart or mind is much small and very fragile, almost like a child mind.

I die for your loneliness before the big bang. 

I am in void. I really want to be captivated by you.

Nobody to blame, the only idiot is hanging around is yourself.

So you become very careful in blaming because if you blame that self you suffering.




- Actually, the real thing to do is to find the heart and to let the heart do.  What the heart is supposed to doIf we put too much lowed on the heart. Without it is thought, and all that thinking, it becomes very heavy. 


And learn, not to burden.


The first thing to learn is you should not be afraid of death. 

Second things is  have no regret, and the third thing is to be joyful at the time of death.


It is a process, shit is happening, continuously. Shit is happening, something is shitting over you.

It is not only shit is there. No, no. it is really moving. It's rolling raining over you. And then in the different culture,

they have found different answers to that. 


For example the Catholics are saying:

you deserve it. 


Protestants are saying:

let it happened to others.


The Muslim is saying:

it is the veal of Allah.


 And the Jesus:

 why is it always happening to us?



actually it is not really shit.


In Japan the Zen Buddhist:

listen to the sound of shit happening. 


But you know these are only theoretical.



Come on.


We are having something interesting

and important to do. Come. Come on.


Close your eyes. Shut your ears and just smell. This was your lesson  today.


















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