• We may be living on an atom in somebody's wallpaper.
    • How bright a shadow!
    • What wonder have you done to me?
    • We are the you and I who were they whom we remember.
    • After all these analyses, the fact remains intact.
    • This long putting away of things maybe useful was not all of Art's care-taking.
    • And who in a hundred years will know us as we are in our present living and dying here under the very sun, lost to the future as to the past?
    • That night is many years ago. And gone, and still I see you clear, clear as the lamplight in your hair.
    • Breathe with unconditional breath, the unconditioned air.
    • Shun electric wire.
    • Is there a world beyond words?
    • I think Therefore I think I am.
    • No future can be stuffed into this presence except by being dead.
    • We are what we have done, which includes our promises, includes our hopes, but promises first.

--Quoted from Given, Wendell Berry


What’s Your Six-Word Love Story?

It's funny what breaks your heart.

Note to self: avoid head cases.

All lies. Was I one too?

Girl, it was World War You.

In realistic terms, Love is work.

I don't bite. I lick wounds.

Loved her madly — then went mad.

Heartache makes for more ear wax.


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